What is Project Based Learning (PBL)?


There are many misconceptions about Project Based Learning. Essentially, it is when the learning outcomes for a student are achieved through the execution of a well-designed project. Project Based Learning combines applied learning alongside enquiry-based learning to answer major questions in any subject area. Project Based Learning allows for deeper understanding of subject matter while also encouraging students to create meaningful products. Project Based Learning opens the door to meaningful learning goals, interdisciplinary collaboration, student voice, differentiated learning, critique, revision, and publicly exhibited final products. 


Is Pacific Academy Encinitas 100% Project Based?


No. But Pacific Academy Encinitas encourages our staff to implement these tactics as much as possible, for we feel the most meaningful learning is accomplished when students are actively engaged in their learning. Project Based Learning also best prepares students for today’s workforce; one that highly values problem solving, responsibility, teamwork, and determination. That does not mean that all traditional teaching methods are obsolete. So, teachers at Pacific Academy Encinitas implement the very best of both Project Based Learning and traditional teaching methods in their classrooms.


School Wide Projects (SWP)


Aside from using Project Based Learning in the classrooms, Pacific Academy Encinitas also designs and executes school-wide projects. Pacific Academy Encinitas has made a solid effort to provide our students with the opportunity to collaborate in meaningful ways across all grade levels.

With our School Wide Projects Pacific Academy Encinitas works to cross the grade barriers and get the entire school working towards common learning goals.  Students are encouraged to collaborate and share their unique skills with each other to make high quality products. In many of our past School Wide Projects, Pacific Academy Encinitas has worked in collaboration with many local and international non-profits.


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